A celebration of the wonders of fine Norfolk food

This book was inspired in no small part by a wander around the Bidwell/EDP Norfolk Food Festival. Here we saw the best organic veggies, ducks eggs, pork pies, Aberdeen Angus beefsteaks, artisan breads and cakes, fruits, juices, jams, pickles, butter, cheeses, milks, poultry, honey, lamb and pork, crabs, lobsters and vegetarian wonders.

We had the idea of a visit to some of  the best of our present generation of food specialists. It is fair to say that Norfolk is undergoing a transformation in its image to the extent that ‘food tourism’ is now a major player in the local economy. We wanted to know: how were these fine foods made ready for market? Why, given the almost 24/7 nature of the task in some cases, did people do it? What made a farmer a farmer? What was the human story behind it all? There surely must be some magic behind the lifestyle? What is it?

Written by Stephen Browning 2010 Photographs by Daniel Tink