When Schooldays Were Fun

A lighthearted look at the “Best Days of Our Lives”

How did this book come about? Well, I was toying with a breadstick and wondering how a restaurant could charge £12.95 for an admittedly fresh piece of dough, coated in tomato puree and topped by some parmesan cheese and a few rocket leaves, when the publisher said, “We have been having great interest in our new series `When Things (Motoring and Holidays are two
bestsellers) Were Fun’. A little retro – warm and funny, reminding people of times gone by, tho’ not so long ago.” I said, “We could do `When Life was Fun’ – mind you, it might end about 1700.” “I was thinking about Schooldays,” he laughed, calling for the bill. “Could you do that?” “Oh yes,” I said. “Oh, yes, indeed.” And so here it is. A wry and sideways look at what makes us look back with fondness on days which so often were full of dread, perhaps a little loathing and – maths. Tongue-in-cheek (but with some serious asides too), this book – along with its wonderful photographs – reminds us of The Best Days of our Lives.