The World of Charles Dickens

Rediscovering the Places & Characters Portrayed in His Books

The principal aim of this book is to help the reader rediscover the places and characters associated with Charles Dickens, both in real life and in his novels, short stories and magazine articles. It will be especially enjoyed by those who, like the author, have held a life-long passion for Dickens’ writings, but it will also encourage new readers to delve deeper into the extraordinary world and its characters created by one of our greatest writers. While the would-be explorer need travel no further from their favourite armchair, the book can also be used as a walking tour in some cases, taking his readers through present-day streets to find the places Dickens himself would have known well.

The reader is taken on a fascinating literally adventure through London, Kent, Yorkshire, the Midlands, the South of England, the West Country and East Anglia, their journey illuminated by over 200 photographs taken specially for the book.