Author: Stephen Browning

The Adventure of the East Cheam Retirement Home

A brand new Sherlock Holmes tale  The Adventure of the East Cheam Retirement Home Narrated By John H Watson MD  An agitated young man rushes into Dr Watson’s surgery but flees before the good doctor can question him as to what might be the trouble. He leaves behind a notebook encased in pale blue leather; there is nothing in it save a Latin inscription ‘Spectemur Agendo’. What is it that ails him and what is the significance of the notebook with its mysterious message? There is only one thing for Dr Watson to do: take it to the single...

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A walk around Norwich Lanes

A STROLL AROUND THE FAMOUS NORWICH LANES A walk through St Benedicts Street,  Cow Hill, Upper St Giles Street, Pottergate and the Lanes, taking in Maddermarket Theatre and Strangers’ Hall. To start this fascinating walk you need to ‘drop down’ from the town centre to St Benedicts Street – if the sun is up and frying has started, just stand behind the old Guildhall and follow the delicious smell of chips emanating from the Grosvenor Fish Bar, then cross the green, nip down the alley beside the church and you are at the starting point. Cross the road and...

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Hunstanton’s Great Secret

Present-day photographs by Daniel Tink This is a fabulous walk along the cliff tops from Old to New Hunstanton. There is much to see, fascinating historical facts and myths to consider, and an awesome secret that was kept under wraps for decades. Why not? Reached from everywhere by rail from Kings Lynn! Golf Galore and first class on the ladies championship course of 1914; and a nine hole course on the cliffs that youngsters may learn the rudiments and long handicaps may be made short! Why not? Lawn tennis and croquet with ‘open’ tournaments on 13 good courts at...

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Norfolk on Invasion Alert

COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHY DANIEL TINK William the Conqueror managed it in 1066 but since then no foreign power has ever managed to invade these islands. There has been no shortage of attempts and plans from the Spanish Armada, to Napoleon, to Hitler but, by courage or fortuitous circumstance, the threat has never been carried out. However, there was a time 100 years ago when invasion was seen as highly likely and it was believed that the Norfolk Coast was where it would begin. It is August 1914. Much like this summer it is very hot and a large section of...

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Rupert Brooke and Cley next the Sea

I have written a fair amount in various publications about  the effect of Norfolk and its coast on our most illustrious writers. Possibly the greatest of the Sherlock Holmes stories, ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’, was inspired by events at Cromer; Charles Dickens took to the area, enthusiastically featuring it in ‘David Copperfield’; Black Beauty by Anna Sewell was written in Norwich and has since sold over 50 million copies. Here is a peek at Rupert Brooke and his relationship with Cley Next the Sea. ‘He was a minor celebrity before he died and a monstrous one afterward, holding...

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My Latest Book

This is the first study yet published to trace the history of Norwich and Norfolk from the time of earliest life to the outbreak of the First World War.